Welcome, welcome!

Huh … who knew we’d be too busy to keep up with a website? I sure didn’t see that one coming! Andy has done a massive reformat that is “Kelly-friendly,” so now I can upload and blog (or “b-log!”) to my heart’s content (and I will!).

My first item of business: catching everyone up on the happenings in the life of Carter (known as “Tarter Tay Talupa” to Kaitlin at the daycare!). I am documenting some of the biggest (and the cutest!) events of the past three months. I’m sure you’ll notice that she’s ungone some important changes!

Enjoy! I’ll do my best to keep it up!
Hearts! Kelly

PS … by the way … did I mention I met Kenny Chesney??? Yeah, we’re good pals now! Isn’t he adorable?!

5.5.06 - Kenny Chesney @ the Dome 005