The family that CHEERS together, STAYS together!

I’m not a die-hard football fan, but it’s good times to watch a game or two.  I’ve always been impartial, but in the last few years I’ve been brought along to Iowa games with Andy, Shane, and Kelsey.  They have put much effort into teaching me the fundamentals of Iowa Football, so just once a year I have to pick a side, and it’s gotta be Iowa (for fear of being deserted by my loved ones!).

So today we all donned our gear and supported our team.  Go team!

9.15.06 005

It’s Spirit Baby!

9.15.06 006

Daddy and Carter – she’s either fighting the black and gold or Daddy: which is it?!?

9.15.06 004

A couple of cute football fans!  

Portraits of a naked baby …

That sounds a little icky, but she’s too cute to not “coo” and “ahh” over!

Somewhere between “getting ready for pj’s” and “getting into bed,” we got side-tracked, and ended up playing in the living room.  Ashley and Deanna, our neighbors, are right: She is adorable!!!


She’s got “the pose” down!

9.14.06 006

Lovin’ the fuzzy pillow!

9.14.06 015

1. Building the tower

9.14.06 011

2. Leveling the tower

9.14.06 013

3. Laying on the tower

9.14.06 014

4.  Rolling on the tower!!!