Just for Daddy

… and everyone else, of course!

Carter is preparing to “step” into a whole new stage of life!  Her first steps will not be far off … this evening she stood up, did her smile and giggle routine for me, and then picked up her left foot.  It was very slow and methodical, but she was brave enough to attempt it!  She got her upper body to shift slightly forward, but then lost her balance and landed on her cushy bum.  She immediately smiled, crawled to me and hugged me.  Of course I had to hug back – what a big girl!

10.17.2006 007

The standing – getting much quicker on the standing … 

10.17.2006 018

Up – perfecting the smile and giggle … 

   10.17.2006 008

and down – wow!  Standing and learning to walk is tough!  

Williamsburg = Shopping!

We left Grandma & Poppy’s and headed home, via I-80.  We passed the Tanger Outlet Mall and had to stop … Carter has to eat, for crying out loud!  Have you no heart?!

We had lunch at Mickey D’s (a plain double cheeseburger & fries with sweet and sour sauce for Andy, and Carter and I split chicken nuggies and fries, and she reluctantly ate some applesauce).  Once we were all fueled up, we started at the entrance and shopped our way around the mall!  We stopped only for bargains and took no prisoners!  I heart Tanger!


Cheese’ing around outside Mickey D’s


Giddy up to the mall, Carter!  


Andy uses his ability to teach to teach Carter to stick out her tongue … good or bad, yet to be determined!


Carter, having a ball shopping!  Love the new hat, kiddo!  Love it!


Carter, and all our goodies, packed into the Durango for the long haul home


Me and a bearded-Andy, cheesing on I-80 (going 65 mph with hands at 10-and-2, of course!)


Even Carter had fun on the drive home
(she looks just like Poppy!)


This is what Tanger does to you!  Gets ya every time!