Wild & Crazy Carter!

This kid is unstoppable!  She ran the house this afternoon!  She crawled through the upstairs of the house time and time again – kitchen to bedroom, her room to ours, living room to bathroom, again and again!  Then, to relax a bit, we read “Peek-A-Boo, Blue,” which she loved and freaked out about!  We read it once, and lifted each flap to find Periwinkle and Magenta, and the second time, she didn’t need help, she knew where to look and lift!  So smart!   Then we moved on to the birthday wrap.  My parental instincts tell me we should get her a birthday gift, but my sensible side thinks, “Why?!?  She loves the wrapping paper!  Why bother!”  Let’s just hope the gift beats the Princess wrapping on the pole!  When Daddy got home, she and Andy went nuts together!  She laid on the floor, and he tickled her tummy, sides, cheeks, nose, everthing!  And she squeeled like a baby pig!  When he’d stop, she’d grab for his face, and he’d continue the tickle tirade.  After a long afternoon, we read part of “Pooh and the Honey Tree,” then our Pooh crashed, but not before managing to curl herself up under her blankie!
7.11.06 005

The afternoon started with this realization: “So I can get up on the trashcan, and then into this cupboard?  That’s so awesome!”

7.11.06 007

After running wild, we read Blue and had a blast!  Where’s Purple Dragon?

7.11.06 006

Look at that transfixed stare: she’s a smart one, look out!

7.11.06 014

Wrapping paper is a double threat: Carter loves it, and so does Sammy!  Everyone’s happy!

7.11.06 022

Wild Child: Round 2

7.11.06 027

The Tickle Tirade with Daddy

7.11.06 029

After long days, this is where tired old bears come to get their beauty rest!