Carter’s first football game

Go Dragons! 

The first group of kids I ever taught, in 2003 as 6th graders, later become the third group of kids I ever taught, in 2005 as 8th graders, and have now become my favorite group of freshman.  This is the only reason I would pack up Carter, and Andy and Tim, and ask them to sit through a football game.  But it was gorgeous out, and our field’s been re-turfed, and it was kinda fun!  Carter was 100% impatient, and squirmed the entire time.  Her favorite part was the “Mini-Dragon Cheerleaders” who cheered at half time.  We came last, and left at the start of the 4th quarter.  It was a real nail-bitter: 50 – 0.  Take that Hoover!

i-5bb72fb8b081b59a1fbff4bd866478bd-9.8.06 1.jpg

Carter and Andy enjoyed the game with the best seats!

i-dbe0a2e19186fa88aef7133aa94a70ee-9.8.06 4.jpg 

The Fighting Freshman lineup …

i-f24e0a044233ffe3bb5a112d1f374dc7-9.8.06 2.jpg

… totally massacres Hoover: 50 – 0 with 4:38 left in the 3rd quarter

i-68ec11fbe0b2e9ed19e2b510b38f05c6-9.8.06 3.jpg 

Carter and Mommy cheering on the Dragons!