Please stand by for some technical difficulties …

Oh my God … did someone slip some crack into Carter’s Bug Juice?!?  The child who “will sleep all the way home from Williamsburg” slept about 30 minutes, and bounced off the walls all Sunday evening!  At one point, while I was trying to diligently update the website for Daddy, she was laying facing me with her hand on my typing hands!  Kicking my elbows and smiling and giggling!  Naughty!  At one point, she shut down the website computer (so little, but so naughty!!!).  So please be patient with us this week (Andy’ s in California, and returns Friday at 11pm): we’re trying to keep up on the website, but someone isn’t being so helpful!

Here are some gems I got in the 10 minutes it took me to update from the weekend!  Enjoy!


Laying on my lap .. and on the keyboard …

10.15.06 043

… flailing to get on the desk … why … I don’t know … 

10.15.06 044

… flopping on the desk like a fish … 

10.15.06 047

… and finally, destroying my print o  uts for the week!  Bravo, Carter!  Thanks for helping, Turkey!!

Just for Daddy

… and everyone else, of course!

Carter is preparing to “step” into a whole new stage of life!  Her first steps will not be far off … this evening she stood up, did her smile and giggle routine for me, and then picked up her left foot.  It was very slow and methodical, but she was brave enough to attempt it!  She got her upper body to shift slightly forward, but then lost her balance and landed on her cushy bum.  She immediately smiled, crawled to me and hugged me.  Of course I had to hug back – what a big girl!

10.17.2006 007

The standing – getting much quicker on the standing … 

10.17.2006 018

Up – perfecting the smile and giggle … 

   10.17.2006 008

and down – wow!  Standing and learning to walk is tough!