Our first ever garage sale!

Phew!  Who knew getting ready for a crumby old garage sale would be so much work???  Amy and Jon have been sorting and cleaning for awhile, but – smart me! – I waited until Monday to go through stuff!  Not good!  I have pulled things out, sorted, compared, priced, and organized everything we own in the past three days!  It has been crazy!  We took three car-loads of “treasures” to Amy’s for the big sale.

The sale was a “family event,” with contributions from the Chalupa’s, Andy and Tim, Stacy and Dave, Kelly and Sean, and Amy and Jon.  We had everything from baby shoes to pay-as-you-go cell phones; cd burners to kitchen glasses.  And we had three Titanic cd’s, two VHS tapes, and the theater movie guide – all yours for under $2!

It sounds hokey, and initially I only took our “treasures” to get them out of my hair, but it was a really fun morning!  Carter helped man the sale, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people!  It was a good time.  Some highlights:

5.  I got in the car to pick up Carter; the clock read 7:57am.  The sale started at 8am, and we’d already had three customers!  Yes!
4.  The garbage man stopped, in the middle of his route!
3.  Someone actually commented on Carter’s “$3.50” price tag, asking if we’d take $3.00!
2.  The guy who, at 8:30am, came to the sale with no shirt, smoking a cigar
1.  The lady who came once for random things, and came back to purchase the Karma Sutra and God’s Prayer journal … does one cancel out the other?!?

And the best part was not the 100+ heat, but earning some Dells cash while hanging out with my buddies!

The sale continues Satuday, from 8 – 1, so stop by 609 NW Linden to see our treasures!


Little neon-green signs were posted all over the North end of Ankeny, calling treasure-hunters to our sale!


“Sales Alley”  We set up our sales camp in the shade, and lined the drive way with goodies.  The big seller of Friday: VHS tapes and CD’s!  One lady offered to buy all 320 of them at once … with $62!  That was a no go!  Garage Sale Lesson #14: when things get slow, go “rearrange,” it makes the area look busy, and pulls in perspective lookers!  That’s what Amy, Andy, and Stacy are doing above!

7.28.06 002

Item description: 1 infant/toddler.  In good condition and highly loved.  Pleasant natured, good eater, holder of “most adorable baby” title!  $3.50 or best offer

7.28.06 005

Please pay the cashier at the back

Bummin’ around the house

Woo!  Was that garage sale ever hot!  After a long morning of haggling and bargaining, Carter and I took the afternoon to relax!  There’s been word that the birthday fairy has already made a drop-off stop, so Carter had to explore!  She also helped with some household chores!  What a sweet girl!

7.28.06 022

… it’s a good thing they’re wrapped!  Naughty girl!

7.28.06 024

To make up for her birthday-searching mischief, Carter offered to help with vaccuming … 


… and also with putting away – or taking out! – clean dishes!

7.28.06 013

After a long day of hard work, a baby needs a bath!  A girl’s gotta be clean and look good!

7.28.06 017

Clean, cute baby!