The Boys: an update

Grant and Collin Bumsted are doing awesome!  Collin’s an eater, and Grant isn’t exactly starving, so a brave Mom and Dad have started rice cereal.  Collin took to it like a champ, but Grant was slow to warm up to it.  Now?  Old pro’s!  They are 100% cute, and total buddies!

Grant (L) and Collin (R), already picking on one another!




Bam!  Collin (L) gives Grant (R) an upper-cut to the face! 


Grant (L) and Collin (R) are seriously just too much for me to take!  How cute are these two?!?

Double your pleasure, double your fun is right!  What about double the trouble?!!

9 month photos

DISCLAIMER:  None of the following photographs were taken by myself.  They were all done through the creative genius of Mackenzie Duncan and her wonderful studio, Stalzer Photography.  Their fantastic website is, and the rest of Carter’s photos can be viewed at  If you’re in need of a photographer, go anywhere.  If you’re in need of a wonderful person to take amazing memories, call Mackenzie.  

 That being said, here is our Punky!  Isn’t she the best?!?  


Yes, your kids cute.  But mine’s cuter!

 i-54c7432b31e433c0164addb80434a736-blue dress.jpg

Carter might be the most adorable little girl on the face of the Earth!


Correction: cutest baby in the Universe! 

i-0f076d12a04da9f0962ae523a3116866-C dress.jpg 

“Yeah, Mom!  I totally just tipped that statue-thingy over, and I’m running away!  What are you gonna do about it, biz?!”  Naughty!

 i-dd01d891e78bd54c6201213323cf8fc9-2, C, T.jpg

“Here’s me and my peeps!”  FGF Andy, Carter, and Tim (top) and Andy, Carter and Kelly (below – duh).