What’s green, and silky soft, and silly all over?

Who would have guessed that this – a pillow covered with silky soft, fuzzy, green fabric – would make Carter’s day?!  My intention was to cover the cushion with the material and take two of them to school for reading corner pillows.

Instead, I believe Carter has claimed this one!  She sits next to it and “pets” it, reclines against it, rolls over and off it, sits happily upon it, reads on it, loves it!  It calmed her down mid-tantrum (I know, you still don’t believe she throws tantrums … come over at 7:30pm any evening and see for yourself!), and it just might be our new, happy reading spot!

7.13.06 004

The Princess on her throne

7.13.06 007

“Ahh, yes, I have to roll on it!  It feels so nice!”

7.13.06 008

“Why are we just getting this now, Mom?  It’s fabulous!”