The Meaning of Christmas

Tonight, through the wonder and animation that is Charlie Brown, we learned the true meaning of Christmas.  It isn’t the commercialized crap, the Elmo TMX, the life-sized ponies or the name brand clothing, it isn’t the biggest, most elaborate and gawdy tree, and it isn’t individual.  Christmas is about spending cherished time with the people we hold closest.  And not hitting Lucy in the face – jerk!  

Carter was 100% immersed in the joy of the Charlie Brown Christmas.  It was the sweetest thing, and the beginning of a Chalupa tradition.  

And I’m making her a special "Linus-blankie" for Christmas.


After sharing some chocolate ice cream with me (SEE ANDY!  She liked it!), we snuggled, played and watched Charlie Brown


Lucy sucks.


Carter, Daddy and I enjoyed (well, Daddy didn’t really enjoy it, but that’s too bad!) our new Charlie Brown Tradition.

I use the term “helpful” loosely …

Carter "assisted" with the final touch on most of our Christmas gifts.  I figured, "huh, shiny ribbons and pretty curls.  She’ll enjoy watching."  Right.  She was grabbing handfuls of tapes and unwinding yards of ribbon.  If I moved the scissors to my left, that’s where she wanted to be.  When I moved them on the blanket, that’s where she wanted to be.  You can see where this is going!  



"Moms, here’s the tape!"


"This one (Mackenzie’s) needs white and red ribbon!  Let’s get curling!"


"Here’s all the white ribbon you’ll ever need!" 
Too bad I couldn’t use it to string her up!