Carter and I went shopping this afternoon for a gift for Emma’s first birthday and for paper for Natalie’s birthday (Natalie turned 4 last week).  When we got home, it was like heaven!  Carter had boxes and boxes to play with!  Sneaky, little snoop!

i-d1989be3409a7f5417c262304d0d6aab-9.20.06 001.jpg

If she’s this nosey now, just wait until Christmas!

i-c34708e431764fa75d54ee577f328e21-9.20.06 002.jpg 

… because on top of the diaper box is where we need to be!

C is for Cookie, and Cookie is for me!

This evening, we made fall cookies – “Monster Candy Corn Cookies.”  After supper (mac and cheese and ham, and mixed veggies), Carter had her own cookie and milk.  She literally stuffed little handfuls into her mouth, puffing her chipmunk-cheeks out further!   That’s my girl – we love cookies!

i-fc14a698760ad2d61995f0304c0ded68-9.19.06 005.jpg 

A big cookie for a big girl!

i-d57fbc7ced1ff027ca95e7d78e8491e3-9.19.06 010.jpg 

Thata girl!  Stuff it all in those chubber-cheeks!
Milk, please!

i-b53c9649422ec042bdd9a1bbd791db6a-9.19.06 014.jpg 

“I love Mommy’s cookies!”