She’s caught the Coupon Fever!

Oh, Amy …

I’m sure the packet of coupons started with coupons for Pampers and Ocky-wipes, but ended with Amy and Jon diligantly cutting each and every coupon from the Sunday paper and stuffing it in a Principal envelop for us.  

We will definately save a few bucks on Pampers and Purina … I think we can skip on the Propecia and tampons.  

i-05732332eba5f9e22f489987f8d230b9-8.11.06 012.jpg

Once again, Carter saves the day with her great helping skills!

i-9a107cb55e4f38955733db3e10aed1e0-8.11.06 014.jpg 

… should we take these smelly-soap coupons and tons of toothpaste ads personally?
Are our friends trying to tell us something???

Finally back home!

Once we got home, Carter was a mad-woman!  She was all over and into everything, and it was nice to be back to normal!


Back to smashing the balls together!  Such sweet music!


Good Lord, this kid is cute!  Look at that curly hair!  We missed her a ton!


Carter, with Andy’s help, displays her 4 top teeth.  And, yes, there are 3 bottom teeth to go with it!  Can you believe only a month ago she was just cutting her first tooth?!  Poor kid!