Finally back home!

Once we got home, Carter was a mad-woman!  She was all over and into everything, and it was nice to be back to normal!


Back to smashing the balls together!  Such sweet music!


Good Lord, this kid is cute!  Look at that curly hair!  We missed her a ton!


Carter, with Andy’s help, displays her 4 top teeth.  And, yes, there are 3 bottom teeth to go with it!  Can you believe only a month ago she was just cutting her first tooth?!  Poor kid!  

Meanwhile …

While we were living it up in the Dells, Carter had a “vacation” of her own at the farm!  She stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Chalupa, who were also babysitting Cousin Courtney!  What a handful!  But it sounds like things went well.  Linda said that the girls “fought over” the xylophone: one would have it, the other would take it, the original owner would try and recover it!  And Courtney could only enjoy her walker when Carter wasn’t around because Carter might get ran over by it!

We stayed about an hour, and we got a small glimspe into what the week was like!

8.9.06 001

Courtney and I.  Currently, Courtney is my favorite niece, and the best niece in the world!  I don’t know what I’ll do when I have more than one … 

8.9.06 005

Courtney, in her walker, and Carter, on the floor, “sharing” the infamous xylophone.  In the three minutes they “shared,” Courtney tried to pull it closer to her, and Carter tried to take it outright!  “Sharing” my fanny!

8.9.06 008

The girls work together to spread havoc!  Courtney is playing with the fan base, while Carter is pulling up the plastic door mat!  And there are toys a-plenty!

8.9.06 021

The girls did manage to share Carter’s “Where’s Blue” book.  All went well until Carter tried to turn the page to the right, and Courtney tried to turn it back to the left, and Carter freaked out.  Gee … where does that come from?!?