Look out, it Godzilla!

Oh, isn’t being mobile fun?!?  Two months ago, I could not wait for Carter to crawl and walk!  I was sure she’s crawl to me and hug me, and we’d play all day!  It would be swell!  … not likely!  Now that she’s crawling, she’s into everything!  In our living room, she literally has a bazillion toys (yes, literally, I counted yesterday), and she goes around all the neat items to go climb that garbage can!  I tell her no, she looks at me like she understands, yet continues to climb, waiting to see what I’ll do.  Today, my reaction was to move her back to the chairs by the window to play with me.  We did the chair-to-garbage can, "no Carter," and move back to the chairs about four times, when I decided enough was enough.  Every child needs limits, so Carter received her first time out.  Yeah … you can image how well that went over!  Dr. Phil says that a normal 2 year old child should be put in time out for 2 minutes, and as that child grows older, he or she should remain in time out for a number of minutes equal to his or her age.  That means Carter should have been in time out for about 9 seconds, which was my plan.  Just long enough for her to understand that no means no.  Instead, she threw a nasty tanrum!  When I went back in (10 seconds later, mind you), she was red, screaming that God-awful howl of hers!  I picked her up, changed and put her jammies on, all while she continued to scream and kick and pound her fists on anything she could reach.  By the end of it all, I was more upset than her!  


However, in our day, we have mastered the art of pulling ourself from a sit to a stand on the banister.  Look out, young Japanese children … Godzilla is coming!  She’s also getting the hang of feeding herself a bottle.  It’s the tipping and tilting part that gets her! 

 She might be absolutely terrible (and there’s no way she is!), but one look at her and I melt!  How could you be mad at her for long?!?



9 month photos

DISCLAIMER:  None of the following photographs were taken by myself.  They were all done through the creative genius of Mackenzie Duncan and her wonderful studio, Stalzer Photography.  Their fantastic website is www.stalzerphotography.com, and the rest of Carter’s photos can be viewed at www.stalzerphotography.com/WebGallery/Carter2/  If you’re in need of a photographer, go anywhere.  If you’re in need of a wonderful person to take amazing memories, call Mackenzie.  

 That being said, here is our Punky!  Isn’t she the best?!?  


Yes, your kids cute.  But mine’s cuter!

 i-54c7432b31e433c0164addb80434a736-blue dress.jpg

Carter might be the most adorable little girl on the face of the Earth!


Correction: cutest baby in the Universe! 

i-0f076d12a04da9f0962ae523a3116866-C dress.jpg 

“Yeah, Mom!  I totally just tipped that statue-thingy over, and I’m running away!  What are you gonna do about it, biz?!”  Naughty!

 i-dd01d891e78bd54c6201213323cf8fc9-2, C, T.jpg

“Here’s me and my peeps!”  FGF Andy, Carter, and Tim (top) and Andy, Carter and Kelly (below – duh).