Poor, beat-up baby …

Talk about a rough day!  We played on the deck yesterday, and Carter has 3 splinters (in her right palm, left knee, and on a foot) that needed "Daddy Surgery."  She also suffered a bonk to the head (while getting in the car) from Daddy at Target yesterday, and Mommy’s negliance in the bathtub resulted in a red cheek (She was lying on her tummy on the slicker tub floor, and didn’t pick her head up high enough to turn it without hitting the tub – goober!).  What a poor, pathetic, mess!


The "ouchie-hand" with a splinter


The bonk from the car (above her right eye where her hair is) and her red cheek … what a day!


… you’d never know she had boo-boo’s from the day of giggles, smiles and fun!