It has been gorgeous outside!  I love early summer!  Carter, Andy, and I played around all evening.  She has gone from hating outside to loving it!  Except for crawling in the grass – I don’t think she likes the poking sensation on her legs!  

i-d93a795c60fc84ad7cabc45b66bf804b-6.15.06 004.jpg 

i-9a30a414d800eff2cf52b8eb7378bcdf-6.15.06 008.jpg 

i-55ebe6ba87cc7da1f42db70b53c47b3d-6.15.06 010.jpg 

i-d1ae9afe879a14a607487b95be63da03-6.15.06 021.jpg 

Can you hear me now? Good.

Anything that makes a beep, bang, or buzz is something that Carter needs to have!  Life as she knows it will end without that item.  So, as usual, it was a necessity that she have my cell phone.  I’m not sure if she’s calling the Chinese Embassy or some boy – either way, it makes me nervous!i-d0201f12a47bd8cf94e4d96498cf337b-6.12.06 003.jpg