Welcome back to the B-Log!

YEAH!  Chalupas.net is back online!

So here’s the story (no, no one blew up the computer or anything … this time!):

Some of our readers (we have readers!) have been commenting on the "lack of speed" that is Chalupas.net.  So Andy took the computer that hosts the website apart (listen to me – it’s like I know what’s going on!) to speed it up.  In a box labeled "Cord Box from Hell" is a cable that he needed … but the box has sprouted legs and walked away!  It’s a big ol’ box … and it’s missing … it’s no where in this house … and no one knows where it’s escaped to …

So Andy ordered new parts, they’re here, things are up and running, and EVERYTHING’s UPDATED!  YEAH!  I "back-dated" some things (because Andy 2 loves that I do that!), so be sure to check back to Friday, October 27th for new adventures!  

And look for some new fun "updates" to the website … coming soon!

Love ~ Andy, Kelly & Carter


Not for the weak of heart …

This b-log is for all of you who tell me, “Naughty?!” in that fake-honest tone, “Carter’s not naughty!“  or “Your little girl is too beautiful to cause trouble!

That’s BS.

“Angel Baby” has been dethroned: she will, from now on, be referred to as “Devil Baby” because …

i-85e9dda97d2f94dbe8c8a2f099a79f99-11.1.06 001.jpg 

… tonight … Devil Baby …

i-b91c5390ed4538e90165ac75ba0997f7-11.1.06 003.jpg 

… pooped in the tub!    G R O S S !    Angel Babies wouldn’t crap in the tub.  Devil Baby.