The Zoo!

Since school has started again, we are making a conscious effort to spend time together as a family doing something Carter enjoys.  So today, we went to the zoo.  It was cool and uncrowded, and Carter had a blast

i-e96502bd7820221280b598cb6dcb6ee0-8.27.06 002.jpg

Carter and Daddy walking to the car – what a big girl!

i-112870935fbbba78b0162dbadb5b811b-8.27.06 011.jpg

The giraffe was right in front of us at the fence, and Carter was amazed with him!

i-e7da0bc1eb4678f1750d01480f067677-8.27.06 015.jpg

Halfway through, we took time out to play on the slide!  Carter fears nothing!

i-661c08e32f58559faef84c8ac66c5ab3-8.27.06 017.jpg

The playground was so fun, Carter didn’t want to leave!  So she and Daddy took one last slide ride, and we proceeded on.

i-935244c50275ea33a908fdd32dddd137-8.27.06 022.jpg

Carter and Mommy enjoyed the silly sea lions swimming around the pool.

i-1c2ef8d3ec61be713566fc85a533b11c-8.27.06 024.jpg

Poor goat!  Look out – she’ll get you!  Just ask Sammy!

i-0b02d1c2262979ebbf859a38393d3901-8.27.06 033.jpg 

The indoor exhibit of the Lynx was neat – he was sitting against the glass, and Carter could easily see him.  She giggled and smiled at him the entire time!

Carter’s 1 year photos

Our wonderful photographer, Mackenzie Duncan, has come through again.  Carter’s 1 year photos were taken last week, and they are fantastic! Now our dilemma is: how do we choose just a couple???






You can see the rest, and order photos (if you’d like) at:
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