I knew it was a MESS, but a HAZARD?!?

So, I confess: I’ve had a terrible time getting myself organized and ready to face the world since Andy’s return from California, in early October.  I can’t seem to keep up!  My IEP’s at school (my paperwork for each kid) is shoddy and inaccurate, my dishwasher and washing machine are always full, and there’s baby junk everywhere!  I can’t seem to get ahead!  I know that my house is a disaster, but I didn’t think it was condemn-able!  

i-d78f844f2270d788d529d7dfe3ba8367-11.5.06 001.jpg 

This dandy was taped to our front door, by a suspicious looking Ginger … City Board of Health my pants … it’s another Amy-Prank!  Did you learn nothing from the for sale sign and house full of spiders?  Not to mention the video?!?