Carter hearts the Merry-Go-Round!

We walked to Summerfest this afternoon – holy hot!  Carter rode her first amusement park ride: the Carousel.  She was surprised when her horse suddenly dropped, then shot back up, but after a few seconds, she realized it was okay, and appeared to enjoy the ride!  Every time we’d circle to Daddy’s side, she’d chatter a little and giggle! 

After the ride, we got treats.  I had a carmel apple, and Andy had a funnel cake, which meant Carter got a funnel cake!  She enjoyed it – especially the sugary topping.  And, since it was hot, she needed liquids, so she got some of Andy’s watered down lemonade.  It’s tough drinking from a cup when it’s the size of your head!

i-93b681613baf835eaf9623823c1206e7-7.8.06 002.jpg 

Round and round!  Wee!

i-cddd9c7952de5f8b7c5e225e7a49b5b4-7.8.06 007.jpg 

Mommy!  I want some more funnel cake!  And try to not get it on me this time!

i-e3cc9d985e4818649839d4e0f907e4be-7.8.06 011.jpg 

Oh, it’s so hot and this lemonade is so good!  It’s tough drinking, but totally worth it!!

I’m a bad mom

It is official: I have earned the title of “Bad Mother.”  I did all that I could to avoid this: I honestly applied sunblock (SPF 45, UVA and UVB protection, water and sweat proof, baby style sunblock!) twice.  Once when we first got to the parade, and then again about ten minutes later because I “wanted to be sure.”  As you can tell, I was not so sure!  Carter doesn’t seem to mind.  I guess when your nose is packed solid full of boogies, a little pink nose isn’t too alarming.  I, however, have earned my title!

i-83bdda8861879850be52add69acd671f-7.8.06 021.jpg