The BEST toys are at Grandma and Poppy’s!

 Okay … I will admit it: I am a sucker when it comes to Carter.  I usually buy too many tops – some she nevers wears, and too many toys – the exciting ones with lots of noise and activity!  But I never would have imagined she’d be so amazed by two glasses cases at Grandma and Poppy’s!  I think we originally gave them to her to keep her out of something else (or everything else probably!!).  When put them over her little hands, and she clapped like a seal, and giggled with joy!  It’s crazy what will capture this one’s mind!

i-b706cb59ba902e63b3994003800bf202-9.3.06 1.jpg 

Look at that smile!  I’d give her just about anything to see that mug!


We visited Grandma and Poppy today.  Andy and I brought toys, but – like Mom and Dad – figured that between 4 adults we didn’t need to bring the gate.  We were so wrong!  Carter was everywhere!  Into drawers, up and down stairs, in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and back room!  EVERYWHERE!  To solve our problem of “Chasing Baby,” Dad brought up the gate they made while we were in Hawaii.  Finally – some peace!

i-b43ff6ea859848d8ae711fbe69b55a3e-9.2.06 1.jpg 

Don’t they look like jailbirds?!  Carter even has her strips!