When life gives you lemons,

I guess you enjoy!  Andy’s lemonade had a lemon slice in it, and Carter appeared to be very interested in it.  When he let her have it, she gave it a complete look-over, then instantly (and to no surprise!) put it in her mouth.  Initially, she didn’t pucker up; instead, she chewed and sucked away at it.  Eventually it got a little to sour for her, and she’d pucker, but she was mad when we finally took it away from her!

7.25.06 003

“Uh … Daddy … I don’t know about this one … why don’t you have it back …”

7.25.06 007

“Oo-ee-vay!  That’s suckers sour!”

7.25.06 011

“Maybe my sweetness will balance it out, and it’ll be good!”

Lunch, anyone?

Today was a little better on the Tooth-front.  On today’s menu: baked beans, bread and butter sandwiches, mixed fruit and juice, most of which ended up in her hair!


That’s not a fragrant flower behind her ear … that’s sandwich!

7.22.06 023

and that’d be peaches on her chin, pears squashed and stuck to her cheeks, and butter near her eye!



The “DECK,” meaning the top portion, is completed (WOO HOO!), and the “PATIO,” referring to the bottom area, is underway.  Something like “11 of the 14” footings are placed.  “It’ll move quickly” once they’re in!  Cross your fingers …