A World of Discovery

It’s another yucky, cold day.  Daddy worked on the deck (all spindles and top rails are on!  Woo hoo!), and Carter and I went to the Science Center of Iowa.

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Wearing Daddy’s work shoes <b/blojsom/p>

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Getting ready to leave … or messing around!
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Now, I must confess: I have many favorites.  My favorite ice creams are cookie dough and mint chocolate chip.  My favorite colors are yellow and orange.  But my all time, favorite place in Des Moines is the Science Center.  It is the coolest thing since sliced bread!  Check out the website if I haven’t enticed you enough:  http://www.sciowa.org/

6.11.06 045

“Discovery World for Babies & Toddlers:”  Carter explored the small tunnel … and eluded me!

 6.11.06 039 6.11.06 041

“Discovery World for Babies & Toddlers:” Carter was amazed when she would push the little pins!  She also liked the texture of them.  You can see by the look on her face that she is figuring this all out!

6.11.06 016

Carter is choosing lenses to make her own telescope to explore the stars

 6.11.06 019

Carter’s learning about gears, helping me fill up the basket with blocks, then helping me use the machine gears to move the bucket

6.11.06 023

Carter observes while some bigger boys try to figure out the quickest way to make power using water

6.11.06 024 6.11.06 025

Just like Daddy, Carter loves the turtles
(I think I have a very similar photo of Daddy watching the turtles at the old Science Center!)

6.11.06 027

Watch the glass, Dudley!  Carter Potter might know Parseltongue!

6.11.06 031

Bubbles travel fastest in which type of substance: watery, sugary, or very thick???
Ask Carter … she’s learning all about it!

6.11.06 036 6.11.06 037

One of our favorite exhibits was the ball and wind display.  When balanced, the wind centers the ball.  She liked the ball, and really liked the wind!

6.11.06 038

Carter is participating in the Lighten Up, Iowa! campaign by checking her weight.  About 18 pounds … that’s about the 50% for children her age … I think you can have one more Cheerio at snack!


Crazy in the head, I am!

Today’s been a drizzley, boring Saturday.  To jazz up the afternoon, I decided to get out the non-toxic, washable, kid-friendly paint so that Carter could play, finger paint … maybe be the next Van Gogh.  Was I ever wrong!  She would grab the paper, try for the containers of paint, get painty and grab anything close, the only thing she refused to hold was the paint brush!  The single time she did hold the brush, I got a little too close and ended up with a green nose!  But, we had fun.  At the end of the day, the paint washes off, and the mess cleans up, but Carter and I will have a painting memory forever (or at least I will!).


i-4a2b24e9cfff670826970d1b80f962ae-6.10.06 009.jpg


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