Party preparation

This evening, we’re having our “Family Christmas,” a gathering of our closest Ankeny-to-Marshalltown friends who are as close as family.  We’re having dinner, opening gifts, and having fun.  

And, of course, Carter had to be ready!  Beauty isn’t easy, you know!

i-60b5ba094d1fb9cd5a8ad386e3902933-12.9.06 011.jpg

Cleaning all the germies, juice, and breakfast off!  And being adorable while doing it!

i-5cc0708f80bd3d86296c0bb9852f339e-12.9.06 018.jpg 

“Looking this good isn’t easy, you know!”


Carter can have the best time with a blanket and a little attention!  She loves to snuggle, roll around, hide, seek, and have a blast with blankies!

i-89ed6c019d43134f1e844f810c5cf920-12.9.06 002.jpg 

“I’m getting so tired … maybe I’ll just cuddle up and take a nap …”

i-12ebc8453cd15b409fb3765f1977fa1f-12.9.06 003.jpg

“Oh yeah, that’s nice …”

i-e611a90f62d1c76c279ddd838c78f5e1-12.9.06 004.jpg

“Wait … where did I go???”

i-c6a4ec0005c947a5f000a74a29d08c55-12.9.06 005.jpg