Aloha from Maui!

We had a few minutes left here in the Internet Cafe so we thought we’d post a Hawaii update.  Here is our top 5 exciting events from the island of Maui:

5) Holy curvey roads!  It takes an hour and a half to go 40 miles.
4) We survived Haleakala!  Who would have thought that biking down a volcano (>10,000 ft) would be so awesome?
3) Kelly had a meltdown.  No real suprise there, it was just a matter of time.  (She missed Carter)
2) Suburns hurt.  Wrists and knee-pits most of all.  SPF30 my @ss!
1) Spending time with my wonderful wife on the beach, eating out, relaxing, and having time for each other.  I think we forgot for a while what that was like.



We have been doing some last minute things around the house before leaving, and Andy and I were talking about the website’s traffic.  We’re able to tell the location of visitors, but not who they are.  We got a visit from France the other day!  Oh la la!  

So this has struck our curiosity.  We have a frequent Ames visitor, and other various visitors that we can’t place.  Some are easy: the early morning daily checks are Mom and Dad, the .uihc.stuff.something is Kelsey or Carrie from the University.  But some of the others leave us pondering.  So, here is our request: at the bottom of this post is a comment area.  We’d like to know who you are!  We’d like to see who are visitors are, and who our Ames friend is (we can guess and match the other people to places, but Ames is killing us!).  Pretty easy, just name and place.  And we’ll see what we’ve got!

 Mahalo and aloha!