Welcome back, fellow bloggers!

Okay … let’s first set the record entirely straight:

The week of Carter’s birthday – August 15th – I was cleaning like a madman.  I had just gotten the downstairs living room torn apart and put back together, and was going to clean the carpets downstairs before the big party.  Now, Andy 2 had borrowed the carpet cleaner and told us it was "streaky" from being clogged with cat hair.  I knew this, and so did my husband!, but I cleaned anyway.  As I was about two passes into the cleaning, I smelled a funny scent.  Since I could place it, I just kept cleaning (smart, I know).  On about my fourth pass, sparks shot from the carpet cleaner, then the power went out.  I had blown a fuse.

Apparently there’s one fuse for the downstairs, or something, because the surge of power messed up the computer.  Here’s where things get fuzzy …

… the speakers were on a surge protector, the mouse was on a surge protector, the monitor was on a surge protector, but the actual computer itself – the costly part of the whole she-bang – not on a surge protector!  So, you see my friends, the computer being broken is not my fault.

Breaking the vacuum and nearly setting the house ablaze – totally my fault!  I am a tool and should have cleaned it out before using it.  True Kelly-style, I know!  Breaking the computer – absolutely, 100%, without a doubt not my fault!  Duh, Andy!  Enough said!

So, now that that’s been cleared up (again – not my fault!!), I would like to welcome everyone back!  We’ve got backed up photos (from  September 1st to today) to share, and hopefully you love them like we do!

As always, enjoy!
Andy, Kelly & Carter Chalupa 🙂

Guess who’s sick … AGAIN …

For the bazillionth time in her little life, Carter is sick, again.  I think she’s had her share – someone else’s turn, please.  She was up Thursday at 3am, standing at the side of her crib, wailing.  Andy took her to the doctor, and she’s congested (per usual?!), and has an ear infection.  So we’re back to the good ol’ Nebby and medicine.  

i-7d4ff13db64e59b55b0f01ebb821ac45-9.7.06 2.jpg 

Carter’s such a trooper!  I know this sucks, but she’s been good about treatments so far