Signs of Poverty, part 2

Currently, we have no mailbox.  Ours, literally, fell apart.  The pole that held the box had been solder (I have no idea why …), and it finally gave way and broke.  I can just imagine the look on the mailman’s face when he pulled open the door, inserted our mail, shut the door, and watched the thing fall apart!!  Hilarious!

So Andy got a new one and began construction, with help of course.  I’m actually considering returning all of Carter’s Christmas gifts and just buying her a mailbox!

i-bd1653b0edb06e36ae62320f6695ccef-12.11.06 012.jpg

“I will mail my new yellow ball …  maybe to my boyfriend, Isaac …”

i-7924cc9dea030712b67c78becdb9d5a9-12.11.06 013.jpg

“Hey!  Where’d that ball go?  I just put it in here …”

i-7a5ccadf94a43a2835de61cd2c5258bc-12.11.06 011.jpg 

“This thing is so cool!”