Look out, Sammy!

Game on!  Carter is officially on the go, and she’s got her sights set on Sammy.  I guess you could call this payback for all those times he sat about three inches out of her reach, and taunted her with his fluffy tail.  You know what they say about paybacks …

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Meet our friends

Emma Jacqueline Lueck

Emma is now about 7 months old.  She’s becoming mobile, and has an “evil smile.”  She might be “evil,” but she’s adorable!




Isaac Middle-Name-We-Can’t-Remember Alexander (sorry … we are so dumb!)

Isaac is now 6 months old.  He’s exploring the world of foods: cereal, greenie beanies (remember the greenie-beanie bearded pirate??), and carrots.  Ahhh … good times.  You’ve got to love those big blue eyes! 

PS … Andy thinks it’s “Zachary,” but I think he’s full of crap!



Grant & Collin Bumsted, aka “The Twins”  Both are doing fantastically!  Grant is the “lazy one,” and Collin is the “mover and shaker.”  Both are developing their own little personalities.  Both got their first taste of rice cereal Sunday.  Apparentely, Collin is about to eat Kelsey & Shane out of house and home!  Little piglets! i-0faf0a66ef1230e02fe1039f97f0f1d2-CG football.JPG