It’s Christmas Ebe! Finally!

Some things are passed on from generation from generation.  My inability to wait for Christmas “Ebe” (it’s Ebe, not Eve, at my house!) comes from my Dad.  I can’t remember a Christmas when the two of us weren’t itching to get out to the tree!  And now, at 27 years of age, I am no different.  I love Christmas!  I love the tradition, the preparation, the perfection, the suspense … okay … maybe not so much the suspense!  Yeah, I’m also a “peeker!”   Big surprise!

Today, we did some last minute Christmas things: finished our Santa cookies, realized we’d forgotten a gift for Kristy and made a mad dash to Target, and picked up the house.  I made my “Christmas Soup,” which is kinda like cheesy soup, but with veggies in.  I packed up the car.  Carter and I played around.  That got me to about 5:30, and I began to get that Christmas Tree Itch.  We cleaned up the dinner mess, and were on to the tree!

Carter has been told “no touch” about the tree and presents for nearly a month now.  You’d think she’d be apprehensive to dive into presents.  She had zero reservations about ripping stuff up!  Her first gift was an Eric Carle Treasury book and an alphabet snake puzzle.  She liked the puzzle because it doubled as a weapon, but was quickly taken away.  Then Daddy got a gift: the Star Wars movies and the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  My first gift was the Pilates video and Power Ring I’d asked for, and Sammy also got a gift: a stocking full of toy bell-balls that Carter also enjoyed!  Carter’s next gift was clothes and jammies, which she tried to stuff in the garbage box!  Daddy’s second gift was also clothing, and my second gift was Age of Empires III: War of Chiefs.  Carter also got an inflatable ball pit and 50 balls … that will end up all over my house or in the entryway!

Our stockings held wonderful goodies, also.  Carter’s held markers, paint, her favorite chapstick and hair clippies.  Daddy’s held a much-needed new wallet, a book of poker tells and his beloved photo “magAnets,” and mine had a peaceful bath and body spray and a new pair of “not-dull and crappy” scissors.  And a ton of candy for us all!

It was a wonderful night – so much different than last Christmas!  But still amazingly special and priceless.  Even the fit over no more gifts.
Happy Holidays!  We wish you as much love and joy as we’ve been blessed with!

Love ~ Andy, Kelly & Carter

i-4608a70d028f85fc027ce263e0b4748e-12.24.06 039.jpg

The Fam: Andy and Carter, and Sammy and I.  Seriously – how lucky is Andy to have a red-headed wife, red-headed daughter, and red-headed cat?!?  Lucky!

i-23d21bb34cf9bad8ee8aa006a08ac739-12.24.06 043.jpg

Sammy’s plethora of balls … all of which Carter intended to steal for herself!

i-ceb77157d35a0b768c51e02cb719180a-12.24.06 049.jpg

Carter assisting me while I open my Pilates video and Power Ring gift.  I am so excited about this one – I’m gonna be a MILF yet!

i-92acd4fb68bc5b8e91f750a7702677d0-12.24.06 055.jpg

Daddy’s big gift was clothing for work, not size 4 Huggies!  

i-0f572b9b8bcf043c13af0093a445ec68-12.24.06 064.jpg

Carter’s favorite gift was the Turtle 3 ‘n 1 Activity Center, which can be a pool, sandbox, or ball pit.  It will be a ball pit, but not until we get back from visiting home.  That didn’t stop her from having fun with it now, though!

i-52a98d707f55ea100ddc5cca9f9c7b54-12.24.06 067.jpg

Carter’s stocking of goodies

i-f429d389c275055772534c727383ae3b-12.24.06 070.jpg

Daddy’s stocking held “magAnets,” which he prefers to pictures at work.  With these 8, he’ll have about 20 or so on his cabinet at his desk.  He says people stop by and comment on “that cute little girl” all the time!

i-2c5ff52465cf63deaca6b47251900aed-12.24.06 073.jpg

After all our presents had been opened, someone got a bit angry over no more presents!

 i-8c038984057572c64b1ad1876eca0b95-12.24.06 076.jpg

And, if we’ve been good, we hope Santa will visit and enjoy our delicious cookies. 
Merry Christmas!



Cookies for Santa

In preparation for a Christmas that Carter will enjoy and possibly remember (probably not, but maybe, I guess!), we talked about Santa.  She didn’t really get it, but can pick out Santa in the mess of toys.  We talked about being “good” and “bad,” and being on Santa’s list.  We also talked about leaving him cookies and milk.  We made our own cookies, which Carter enjoyed.  She liked “testing” them for quality the most!  If I were Santa, I think I might pass on anything Carter helped make!

12.24.06 029

First, we have to put on the frosting … 

12.24.06 032

… but before the “putting on” phase is the “quality assurance” stage!

12.24.06 030

It’s a good thing Carter is such a civic-minded individual - risking her own health and safety to ensure the safety of Santa!

i-709f95648e0b86ed72c756456491837c-12.24.06 006.jpg

“Here, Mommy!  Try a bite!”

i-af62cd84c9e9837439b22f77e5470846-12.24.06 010.jpg

“So good!”

i-814cf4254111c8dd3294376542371aef-12.24.06 012.jpg

Look at all those frosting-covered teeth!  “All the better to eat cookies with!”

i-8d2c0eea1dbf1c84b550078cf7b53c4c-12.24.06 013.jpg

“I love cookies!  I hope Santa loves them, too!”