Today is the day.  No more diapers.  No more pull up’s.  

We are a big girl.

Today we jump, feet first (literally, ahh cha cha!), into Big Girl Panties.

Carter and I went to Target to pick out whatever kind she wanted.  She choose “kitty,” of Hello Kitty.  I also bought every cartoon character I could get my hands on, and we bought many pairs.  I also filled our cart with a bunch of cheap cotton shorts, cause I’m sure this won’t just be a smooth transition.

Wish us luck!

i-adbe3039105465fcb11cc0f2d8ec6dfd-7.5.08 093.jpg 

BIG GIRL!  Carter proudly shows off her Minnie Mouse undies.  Let’s hope the novelty continues and she can live up to the honor of underwear!

It’s good to be home!

It’s been about a week since our last post, and it’s been quite a week! 

Monday afternoon, Carter and I drove to Grandma and Poppy’s.  They were both a little surprised with her newly acquired naughtiness skills, but they took it in stride!  

Tuesday we drove to Burlington for the day.  We did some shopping (ShopKo is my favorite store, and we found some great Carter clothing!) and played at Fun City indoor water park (hey group – you know how we do something for everyone’s birthday?  Well, I want to pack up all of our babies and spend a chilly November weekday at Fun City!  Woo hoo!).  

i-c2b0d002ca591e8bbd0e88ee21c60975-7.5.08 002.jpg

The indoor kiddy pool at Fun City totally lived up to the name of FUN!

i-f265dfec9c664ea1635da0f5069d75f9-7.5.08 004.jpg

Swimming with the fishes!

i-c733df5835e0ba07e85989fbeda2d17f-7.5.08 006.jpg 

Checking out Grandma’s pretty flowers – isn’t that right eye creepy?!

i-de035bd01a92441a230db6092616e098-7.5.08 009.jpg

Wearing Poppy’s glasses

Wednesday we played around at Sunset Park, then Carter and I met Andy at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Thursday, Andy and I left our trying two year old with Duane and Linda and headed to Champaign/Urbana, Illinous for Tjett and Katie’s wedding weekend.

i-c3ebb7ebab9e8c7aa050a29c369c5122-7.5.08 010.jpg


i-419b96676c78c3bd03c57fb8f6e6ca5c-7.5.08 023.jpg 

Choo!  Choo!

i-f4cafd06047d3c4e783a6d16b8b7e3ec-7.5.08 024.jpg 

“I’m not tired,” she said.  Yeah right!

Thursday we got to bum around.  We didn’t have an agenda, which was nice and unusual!  We planned to cross into Illinois at Burlington, but apparently there’s been some flooding.  Who knew?!  So we had to take a more “scenic route” to an open bridge.  We checked into our hotel, “purchased” our Facebook pull tabs and then went to dinner and a movie.  It was strange – I haven’t had my own Mexican meal in forever!  We always end up sharing rice and beans with Carter!  I didn’t have to share, which was good because it was delicious!  Then we went to see “Wanted,” a very unfriendly children’s movie.  It was a very cry from Kung Fu Panda and Wall E, and a nice change.  

For lunch Friday, we got to meet some of Tjett and Katie’s friends at Crane Alley.  I was a little concerned that Crane Alley, a “bar,” would kill my Weight Watchers points.  I thought bar = bar food = no bueno!  Wrong!  We had the tastiest lunches, met some interesting cats (and YOUNG!  My God!  We are OLD!), and had a relaxing meal with adults.  Unusual, I know.  Then we split up: Katie and wedding party went to decorate, Andy and the boys went golfing and I went shopping.  Champaign has a Macy’s!  Later, we gathered at the church for rehersal.  It was silly and sweet – no surprise with Tjett and Katie!  After rehersal, Andy and I went with Tjett, Best Man Mark and Katie’s brother Nick to some of Tjett’s friends “Freedom” Party.  Just like Tjett, these guys were crazy and funny, and we had a ball with them!

i-2424f04240e43f9ce22c4e705aed1033-7.5.08 032.jpg

Rehearsal with Chase (Tjett’s sister), Alice and Sarah (Katie’s friends), Pastor and Tjett (the groom), Mark (Newt-friend of Tjett’s), Tjader (Tjett’s brother) and Andy (some nerd from the street)

i-919f6597c473c7d5670456611fb72c1f-7.5.08 037.jpg 

This sums up the relationship of Katie and Tjett perfectly: ZANY!

i-81782c6129edc5987dc5f2e307b77188-7.5.08 038.jpg 

Everyone’s all smiles for tomorrow’s big day!

Saturday was the BIG DAY.  Which, for Andy and I, meant sleeping in and watching CABLE at the hotel until he was needed for pictures.  The big sha-bang began at 2:00 and was over in about 25 minutes!  Simple and touching as that: Katie’s now a Gerdom!  The wedding party took pictures, Mark took the boys (yes, including my husband!) to “an undisclosed bar” for a drink (the dirty old men went to Hooter’s!), and then the reception got underway.  I had a job – I got to announce the wedding party upon arrival.  Partly because I could correctly pronounce “Tjett” and “Tjader” and “Navarre” and “Boohaegan,” and partly because I’m loud and outgoing??  That’s good, right?  The beautiful couple was toasted, we had a great dinner, and we danced (and most drank!) the night away.  I got to meet many Cornell friends of Katie and Tjett – all of which made me feel old, old, old! – and we were able to witness and share in a wonderful day for Mr. and Mrs. Gerdom.  It was a great day.

 i-acc7184c1ce227314681486e489ff9b7-7.5.08 040.jpg

The wedding party and guests toast the newly-weds

i-45143bbd9a25b4f03b8b07b7463bd7e7-7.5.08 048.jpg

They’re nerdy and goony, but I love these guys!  Andy and Tjett

i-dd85cb0cb0e3ecb6091d60bd9820ac47-7.5.08 072.jpg

Free beer = drunk Andy, performing, with mad skills, the Chicken Dance.  Nice … so proud …

i-862566e7ab420f746ba32da7e00c3fd7-7.5.08 076.jpg

Katie’s circles around and whips the bouquet to a lucky single lady!

i-69ec26ea125160d3709307a7d9df5fa8-7.5.08 083.jpg

Tjett fished out the garter and suspicously appears to be aiming to a certain single gentleman??!

i-7f11daa32a2e4173d8c48d6e3b0d2a3a-7.5.08 089.jpg

Here’s to happiness and silliness, just like ours!

And Sunday, we packed it all up and headed back to Ankeny.  It was a long drive and completely worth it, but I’m glad to be home and mostly unpacked and cleaned up!  Home sweet home!  

Next adventure: BIG GIRL UNDIES … pray for us …