Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac!

Carter loves Isaac.  Today Isaac turns 2.  Carter celebrated!

We spent the day in Newton, with the Alexander’s, who kindly cooked for us, played ping pong, chatted, and introduced us to the wonderfulness that can only be summed up with “More Bruce!”  The kiddies had a wonderful time, and I’m doubly excited for ice skating with the clan this weekend (and present stealing!!). 

i-3299d62b6abb86cf15aa5d17025bd689-12.2.07 001.jpg


i-382478577a6e628995f2704dcfe025ad-12.2.07 006.jpg

Stephanie, Isaac, and birthday happiness!

i-cec644b35529253a094a2480572250a8-12.2.07 011.jpg 

Even though it wasn’t her birthday, Carter helped open, too!  Sneak!

The view

Today was going to be super!

I was going to put up lights along the porch with Carter’s close (and helpful) supervision, then we were going to go with Andy and Rory to Newton to visit Zach, Stephanie and Isaac for his 2nd birthday party.

Yeah!  Good times!

But THIS was the view from the window this morning.  At 9am, it was totally ice covered everywhere!  Our lights were flickering and we expected to lose power (we didn’t, thankfully!).  So the “fun” day was spent catching up on TiVo and playing Cooties! 

i-5e821ff8e4fd4b35800e9c8cb5ba26e2-11.30.07 008.jpg  i-dd51ca3566961679f772c3e45f112eb5-11.30.07 009.jpg

Bad weather sucks!