Swimming … well … sort of …

After a warm day out on the golf course, playing and watching the pro’s, I thought I’d be a good Mama and fill the pool.  I figured after a long nap, it’d be warm enough.  It wasn’t, so I made trip after trip from the sink to the pool with hot water.  It still must not have been warm enough; Carter wouldn’t get in any deeper than her little ankles.  And, even when she did get in, she’d get right back out and dry herself off!

i-19d9cbd751ab7289bd000f61bc9ff242-6.1.08 030.jpg

… thinkin’ about getting in …

i-43bfba9da3854c549ff8b4e0ebafad27-6.1.08 034.jpg

… then again … maybe not!

i-20811bf61d33bdef89564cf8766208fd-6.1.08 037.jpg 

She was much happier running around and wrapping up in her towel!  Cheeser!!!