Principal Charity Classic

Andy’s been volunteering for the Principal Charity Golf Classic.  He was one of the marshal’s along the 17th green.  I know – too bad he didn’t get to be one of the guys with the QUIET sign!  How cool is that?!

i-87bdf0bda63d8d63beb26a18ee60083e-6.1.08 001.jpg

Marshal of the 17th green.  He means business!

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SCARED and HAPPY to go see golfing

i-c10abac6bf525edb80e2f3f770737ba6-6.1.08 010.jpg 

Welcome to the Principal Golf Classic, pro day.  We got to see Jay Haas (I think) and the backs of some others guys who, I guess, are a pretty big deal!

i-fdb1e7be1edfed8cf8c8b1749968dbf3-6.1.08 008.jpg

It was a gorgeous day, the course was beautiful, and Carter and I had a ball!

i-53bc3f4564f67a32454a232d8d39bf29-6.1.08 016.jpg 

Playing on the 18th green

i-64c0caf82cb002135a89c9a973964900-6.1.08 013.jpg