Snowy, coldy fun!

Since we missed our movie at the Science Center, we took the afternoon (actually, 15 minutes!) to play in the snow.

I don’t know if you know .. it’s COLD outside!! 

i-d05eb1ceb53212c3bdfa078d4cc95ee1-12.29.07 001.jpg


i-5345befc67b939a453f6578709d1e198-12.29.07 003.jpg

Wipe out!

i-5c32342b0ef0ff684a0d9cc1f543343b-12.29.07 007.jpg

“Coldy”Mommy and Carter

i-c45ab8941045175c8af682bd5c90d0b4-12.29.07 009.jpg 

“Snowy” Daddy and Carter

i-9780d269cb9ac290fbf210e22cb34043-12.29.07 005.jpg  i-78094c8e33a1dd08815e3be3c3ea9874-12.29.07 013.jpg

Chilly Chalupa’s!