It’s that time again …


Since it has been gorgeous and wonderful lately (minus the week of spring break, of course!), we busted out the sunscreen and hit the Blank Park Zoo.  Carter’s favorite, the jellyfish, we off exhibit, but she actually really enjoyed, and learned a lot, at the Ice Age exhibit.  Charlie loved … well … everything!  And we loved a fun day together!

Charlie braving the rope bridge

Hanging out in the eggs (heaven help the animal who laid THIS egg!)

The highlight of MY day was when this wallaby hopped by an unsuspecting Charlie, who took off for the safety of mommy and daddy!

Feeding the fist

The coy fish: still her favorite!

Smiles at the park

… Charlie wasn’t entirely sold on the goats sticking their heads out to eat from his hand!

… but he eventually got into it!

Riding the frog!  These two MAKE my DAY!

Look who adopted the penguins!  She’s doing her part in the Circle of Conservation!