Carter and Charlie, hands down, take the cake for cheeser’ness and cuteness!  Here are a few pictures and a video of them being absolutely wonderful!

We’ve finally decided on paint colors for the theater room (dark grey with a burnt orange accent wall – I’m excited!).  We went to Menard’s to get paint, and Carter just wansn’t into it, hence the look of the devil in her eyes!

But once we got back to the paint department and there was some action, her curious nature took over and she couldn’t help but ask questions and watch as our paint was mixed.  She was a great help!

After a long day of running, giggling and playing, Charlie was just about done by lunch time!  He nearly fell asleep in his milk!

Sleepy head in his milk!

The Hunger Games is an amazing book and the movie is going to take the world by storm this weekend.  Everyone is reading the book: my students, all of our friends, Andy … even Charlie!

Three feet from the tub is the toilet, but Charlie decided to leave a monster-turd in the bathtub!  Ewww!  No bueno, Charlie!  No bueno!