YOU decide!

This year is all about home renovation!  Who knows – if we change it enough, maybe we’ll want to stay!  … or something …

So the entry way brown and white is done and looks awesome.  Which makes me super-excited to start the bathroom!  We chose flooring and purchased the mirror and light fixture.  I resisted the urge to go totally overboard and get the things I wanted: the $175 mirror, the $90 light, the $350 vanity.  Instead, fiscally-responsible and mature me chose the medium-price items.  Mirror + light + flooring = $130.  Let the next owner upgrade!

Now, we’re stuck.  I want the new bathroom to be "girly," relaxing and peaceful.  Andy 2 has forbidden pink and Andy has agreed (of course he has!  He always sides with Haning!).  So, below is a horrid picture of our oak stain and flooring (sorry!), and various paint samples.  YOU be the JUDGE!  Leave a comment with your vote (pink rules!).

 The oak finish of the mirror, and the pseudo-marble vinyl flooring 


Pick a pink, any pink!