Week 14

Monday 6.29.2020

Carter’s test run of Boston Cream Pie cupcakes for the 4th of July. She started just after lunch, and was still working when we left for baseball around 5:15!

Charlie’s pitched really well (he kept them at only 3 runs, versus everyone else’s 4, per inning), but in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be. The Sticks took the win, 3 – 12.

Wednesday 7.1.2020

Pool and lunch! Awesome afternoon!

And ice cream before we leave!

Carter continued her 4th of July prep, working on strawberry pie, and Charlie and I braved the sweltering heat to hit the putting green!

Pretty slick!

I love these guys! Short stop (Owen) and 3rd (Charlie) are the best team in Little League!

Owen, at short stop, catch a drive (4:30) and then stops another with his shin bone (6:00)!

Then we headed home, where we were greeted by the GlowBugs <3

The most magical time of summer!

Thursday 7.2.2020