ICubs Sunday

Today was a SUPER WIN! We went for the final Kids Club game, and the special Demonios game. But we stayed to meet nearly all of the team! Charlie was over the moon!

Robel Garcia signed his ball before the game! This kid’s hot at the bat, and he has a great smile!

He was so bummed he missed Almora! We got to the field early just to catch him. He waited patiently and kindly with others. Then when Almora came to the wall, everyone went bananas, pushing and shoving. “Mom, someone stepped on my leg!” he said. We talked about always being the Good Guy (cause they always win Karma Points …)

Me and the Nerd Herd! I wouldn’t trade them for the whole wide world!

Big baseball fan …

We waited for Almora. We got Garcia. Almora headed off field, so we settled for running the bases

Base running always rules! But, on the advice of another spectator, we headed to the back side of the stadium, on a whim and a wish …

And he got autographs form Higgins, Descalso, and Dewees. And we spotted Almora! Hands full, he headed to the bus. Bummer …

Then he got Machado, Mills, and Adduci. Then Almora! Charlie was so stoked!

Man, this is how you hype baseball! This is how you build the dream! Charlie met his favorite ICubs dudes, and some of his favorite Big Leaguers! What an amazing game!