The Land of Adventures, with the Cousins

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Katie came up with the boys, and we adventured for the afternoon! It was an early day for Lincoln and Jameson, but we shut it down! Always a blast!

This is what worry looks like. The anxiety is real. He says when we talk about riding “loopy rides” that his tummy feels bad and his head starts to hurt. That’s worry, and it’s real. I learned today to stop telling him “you’re fine!” and to help him listen to what his body is telling him. The world will continue to spin if he doesn’t ride The Monster, he will trust me if I don’t push him to ride the Monster, and he’ll enjoy himself if he doesn’t have to worry about the Monster. I got it, buddy. I’m finally listening to you with all of my heart.

These two, however, love coasters! It’s their bonding point!

Let’s hope her actual driving is better than this cluster!

I love the nighttime magic!

And I LOVE this guy <3

Exhaustion! Winning the Day!