Minnehaha Falls and Our Minnesota Escape

Squeezing every ounce of fun outta this summer!

We hit the road to explore Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota. While we were at the falls, it started to rain and lightning, which spooked Charlie, so we didn’t get to hang long. To “not die,” according to Charlie, so we did some school shopping, filled our tummies, and caught a movie! And, before calling it quits and heading home, we visited the Minnesota Zoo!

These two love a good adventure! Living life Off the Beaten Path is such an adventure, and I’m so happy they love it!

And this one, always ALL IN for an adventure!

At the Mall, we ran into the Pigeon, who cannot drive the bus!

One day, you’ll see this guy on field or you’ll hear him behind the mike, guaranteed!

Minnesota Zoo!

2008 (3 years old) 2019 (13 years old)

2013 (6 & 10 years old) 2019 (9 & 13)

Alpaca Trek! Too cute!

Alpacas and llamas and guinea pigs were free along the trek, and we loved it!

Charlie got an up close and personal surprise by an alpaca pal!

My baby birds <3