Heya, Boo Boo Bear!

We’re off to Jellystone, and we’re looking forward to all of the Yogi’isms we can fit into the weekend!

On the road! The car’s packed (TIGHT!), and we’re ready to head to Jellystone Campgrounds in Wisconsin Dells.

Home Sweet Home!

Little bit of Washers action! Charlie thought he had it going on … until Carts whooped him!

Carter needed a hand to sleep with (LOVE IT!), and Charlie traveled all over the tent in the night!

Back in Iowa, Jameson (our littlest Chalupa) graduated preschool. We’d planned to Kevin, Katie, and the boys at Jellystone, so we jumped into this big adventure before they arrived!

My adventure pal for life!

The Pegasus, the ride that kicked off Carter’s love of roller coasters!

And we cruised in the karts!

The boys hit the waterpark while we went adventuring (Carter wasn’t feeling it, so we went sight seeing)

And sight see, we did! We rode the old Big Chief karts, got candy at the emporium, and tats!

Meanwhile, our camp was overrun by trouble! HA!

So we booked it back to see Kevin, Katie, Lincoln, and Jameson!

Guess who showed up at our Jellystone site?!! Heya, Boo Boo Bear! Let’s find a pic-a-nic basket!


Camp life is the life! Chips and cousins and games! All was good until the camper door got shut … and locked! Carter was up to save the day, but Linc beat her to it!

Andy and his weiners!

Nightfalls on Jellystone

Pottery morning around camp! Carter meticiously painted swimming dolphins while Charlie took about three seconds to kinda-paint a baseball player!

Pool time!

While playing basketball, Uncle Kevin tossed it up to the hoop. The ball bounced off the rim and bonked Charlie, and knocked out his tooth! Charlie was fairly upset that he lost a tooth, worrying that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t find him in Wisconsin …

Bomb’s away!

We ventured into town for family photos from the Civil War era and mini golf!

Pirate’s Cove:
Medium-Difficult and then Difficult courses!

Adventure Parents!

Charlie putted his ball, and then it took a nasty turn … and snuck under the fence and down the waterfall. He was heartbroken! He went to get a new ball, and took the average score of Daddy and Carter while he couldn’t play..

And then Dude went on to get a hole in one! His second of our games, and the only one to accomplish it at all!

Good games!

Mexacali Rose: Dells Traditions

Back at camp, we hit up the HEY rack ride!

Photos ops, cartoons, and the camp dance party, too!

Then, sparklers back at camp, and good conversations around the campfire with our wonderful family!

And the perfect ending to a wonderful day: the Tooth Fairy DID find us! Her little wingy fingers couldn’t open the tent flap, so she left Charlie’s goodies in his shoe!

Sunday camp breakfast can’t be beat!

Our camping crew

We are dirty. We are tired. But we are happy with hearts full of great memories!