#OneToughMother Update

After school, we packed up and headed to visit Grandma.  I’d just talked to her the evening before, and she sounded great and was excited to see everyone!

When we arrived, the house was pretty quite.  We assumed she was just moving slowly.  Charlie went running in to give Grandma the biggest hug, but ran back to us yelling that she’d fell.  I yelled for the kids to get back into the car, and tried to shake mom.  But it was too late.  Sometime between our chat and our arrival, she’d passed away.  I called 911 while Andy took the kids to the store, away from the chaos that followed.  The medical coroner said, that from the scene, that it appeared that she’d gotten tired and sat on her walker chair, fainted, and just stopped.

After losing my dad, she just wasn’t able to go on without him.  To be loved like that, to find that one person who has your heart, on heaven and Earth, that’s truly living.  Beautiful.