“Why Not?”

Carter asked me when she’d be able to drive, because she’s “a really young 12.”

And she’s right: it will be another two summers before she can drive (with driver’s ed figured in there).

So when she asked if she could drive, I didn’t really have a reason to tell her no.  Life’s short: take the drive!

We found an empty parking lot (our middle school lot was deserted by 4:00 today, the last day of school!), and we went over the basics: Mirror and seat adjustments, no music, gas vs. break, how to start the engine, how to shift.  And then, off she went!  I expected the jerky stop/go/stop/go you see in movies, but she jerked to a stop once, and then had it figured out.  She never got over 5mph, and she kept saying how “scared” she was, but she did great!

I feel like she grew up an entire year before my eyes this evening!

First time behind the wheel!

Her first attempt at parking looks a lot like her mama’s everyday parking!