Boogy, Boogy!

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Boo Who?
Don’t cry!  It’s just Halloween at the Chalupa house!

2850-10.25.11 018.JPG

Carter’s scary punkin!

2851-10.25.11 020.JPG

Who gave HIM the gut-scooper?!!

2852-10.25.11 024.JPG

My punky’s and their punkins

2854-10.25.11 072.JPG

Night Eyes at the Blank Park Zoo – fun!

2855-10.25.11 073.JPG

My punkies in the punkin patch

2856-10.25.11 074.JPG

That’s us!

2857-10.25.11 078.JPG

Trick or Treat night, and the Puppy and the Kitty are ready to rock!

2858-10.25.11 079.JPG

The Puppy thought he’d just eat the Reese’s, wrapper and all!

2859-10.25.11 080.JPG

We trick or treated with a Princess (Addy) and her Rock Star brother Abe (complete with a rockstar goatee!), our super-fun neighbors

Halloween Loot for a great night out!