Big Boy’s first hair cut

I have to say, I LOVE those red-golden curls, but the boy’s been looking like a hippie for some time now!  Andy’s side: “You never saw our hair when we we growing up.”  No excuses!  So today, it was hair cut time!  Charlie was okay going into Great Clips, okay waiting our turn, even okay sitting on Daddy’s lap in the big chair.  He was NOT okay when they put the hair-apron over him.  And from that point on, he was a fit-throwing beast!  The only thing that calmed him was a cherry sucker, YES, while having his hair cut.  In the end, it was worth it, as he looks so handsome!

2757-8.27.11 004.JPG  2756-8.27.11 003.JPG 
Before: Our gorgeous little baby with hair nearly as big as him!  “Baby mullet” or “Hippie cut,” call it what you will, but it’s time to clean up, Boy!

2758-8.27.11 006.JPG


2759-8.27.11 009.JPG

The sucker made it better (but totally grossed mommy out!).  While cutting, his stylist gave him a Baby-Hawk to rawk!  Ha!  I love it so much we may to the ‘hawk more often!

2760-8.27.11 010.JPG

Celebratory DQ chocolate ice cream!  Cheers to a job well done, Handsome!