Burning off those cookies!

My kids have cabin fever!  I think it’s because they’ve gone, gone, gone for days, being home for the holiday with family.  I love it, don’t get me wrong, but we definitely needed an outlet for some extra energy today!  Solution: Playground for Kids.

Carter ran like a crazy-woman, and, of course, she made a new best friend that she loved (but couldn’t tell me her name!).  Charlie and I bounced on the inflatables and played in the Little Tykes house.  Both of the crazies, I mean KIDS, had a great time, as did their mama.

2232-12.25.2010 005.JPG

UP the stairs, DOWN the slide.  UP the rope ladder, DOWN the inflatables.  Repeat.  REPEAT!!!

2253-12.25.2010 008.JPG

An ear infection, pink eye, and the Chalupa tongue can’t keep this guy down!  He loved bouncing with me on the inflatables!

2254-12.25.2010 012.JPG

Me and my complete mess of a son, having fun waiting on sissy to come down the slide