I’m thankful for

These guys!  My two irresistibly wonderful and beautiful children, and my nieces Courtney and Marissa and nephew Owen.  These five little Chalupa’s are amazing!

2179-11.25.2010 030.JPG

Charlie & Owen, playing with the push buggy

2180-11.25.2010 041.JPG

Owen and Charlie, doing manly things

2181-11.25.2010 053.JPG

Hugs, whether you like it or not!

2183-11.25.2010 060.JPG

Courtney, Carter and the Pony Princess

2184-11.25.2010 063.JPG

Marissa and Charlie, tearing up someone else’s creations to make their own … then abandon!

2185-11.25.2010 068.JPG

Now THAT’s a Thanksgiving belly to be proud of!!!

2186-11.25.2010 071.JPG

Carter, Cousin Tristan (from Colorado) and Courtney, now (11/27/2010) …

2189-12.25.05 017.jpg

… and the same three itty bitty’s (Courtney, Tristan and Carter) 5 years ago (Courtney 3 months, Tristan 5 months and Carter 4 months)

2187-11.25.2010 076.JPG

A chairful of CRAZY!

2188-11.25.2010 096.JPG

Owen (11 months), Carter (5), Charlie (13 months), Courtney (5) and Marissa (19 months), the cutest Chalupa babies you’ll ever meet!  Love y’all!