Center Grove Orchard: It’s fall!

I love fall: the colors, the weather, and Center Grove orchard! 

2072-9.26.10 031.JPG


2073-9.26.10 033.JPG

Charlie’s not really sure of the Corn Pool …

2074-9.26.10 036.JPG

… and took awhile to warm up to the idea of playing in corn …

2075-9.26.10 042.JPG

Airborne Carter!

2076-9.26.10 048.JPG

Maybe, maybe, I like it, Mom!

2077-9.26.10 050.JPG


2078-9.26.10 054.JPG

Carter and Daddy raced to the other end of the corn pool, and back.  On the way back, Daddy raced backwards … and nearly squashed Carter as they toppled over!

2079-9.26.10 064.JPG

“This isn’t so bad … I kinda like corn …”

2080-9.26.10 063.JPG

“I LIKE TO EAT IT!”  I dug, probably, over a dozen kernels out of this boy’s mouth!

2081-9.26.10 068.JPG

Pedal tractor time

2082-9.26.10 072.JPG

Trying to race away from me

2083-9.26.10 085.JPG

Carter and Charlie, Kissin’ Piggies

2084-9.26.10 093.JPG

Hanging out, having fun

2086-9.26.10 099.JPG

It was the perfect afternoon (minus the fit Carter just got done throwing!)

2085-9.26.10 103.JPG

Daddy & Mommy at the Orchard