8 1/2 month update …

I can’t keep “weeks” straight and certain in my head any longer, so I’m officially tracking months. 

“Little Bear” isn’t so little anymore!  He’s growing so quickly, and everything is a new adventure for him.  Thankfully, he’s still a snuggler, and he is typically pretty happy when being held (he wants for you to hold him and stand, which we’re not big fans of!).  He’s eating crackers now, and gets to try a lot of “big people” food we probably shouldn’t be giving him (like tiny bites of pizza crust and ice cream!), but he still has no teeth.  He’s been working on his front ones for some time now, but he just can’t get them to come through (poor guy!).  He’s pulling himself up to things, and over things!, and he enjoys standing when supported by his fingers.  He’s started taking steps, with much support, but it’s another mode of mobility!  He has a frog crawl that can take him anywhere!  He gets up on his arms like he’s going to crawl, the pushes himself forward, in a sliding motion.  A few times he’s gotten too ambitious, and plants his nose in the ground!  But he’s learning.  Charlie continues to be our social butterfly, loving people, but always watching and observing before jumping in (just like sissy and Daddy!).  He is definitely our “lover,” not the “fighter.”

1837-6.21.2010 001.JPG

Crawling up on Daddy … and everything else!

1838-6.28.10 027.PNG

Mmmmm … crackers!

1836-6.19.01 005.JPG

I love this picture!  Maybe it’s the toughs of red hair, those big ears from Daddy, those curious, loving eyes, or that silly zerbert-pucker of his, but I can’t resist this little guy!

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