Recital 2010

This evening was Carter’s second dance recital (technically, her second year in the first-year dance group, but who’s monitoring logistics?!!).  She had a tap routine and a ballet routine, and she was absolutely phenomenal!  We’re so very proud of her!  At Thursday’s rehearsal, she got a little “nerbous” on stage for tap, but she spotted me in the audience, I waved, and she seemed to calm down.  She tapped up a storm!  Ballet also went well at rehearsal. 

Friday night, I got backstage mommy duties, tending to our seven little ballerinas while other girls were dancing.  It was basically two and a half hours of glitter, grapes and the Wonder Pets DVD!  I walked her, and the other girls, to the stage area, and I only caught bits of their performances.  She did great and had fun!

Saturday, Andy, Andy, Rory, Corey and Amber and I got to see her in action!  First up, the tap, which she did great at (even though she’ll tell you she liked the ballet better!).  Daddy actually got a little teary over how much she’d improved over last year (don’t tell him I told you that ;)  ).  Her ballet turned out to be the funniest debacle ever!  The girls lined up on the right of the stage and walked out to their individual X’s on stage.  Carter’s X, and place on stage, was second.  She followed Elsa out, making her second on stage (Greta followed behind Carter).  I’m sure what set it in motion (I’m guessing Carter wasn’t watching where she was going!), but Else stopped on her mark, and Carter ran into her, causing Greta to run into her.  After the three-ballerina pile up, Elsa (the first girl) and Greta (the third girl) both had marks.  Greta was on Carter’s X, which of course Carter wasn’t having!!!  With the music you couldn’t hear any of their interactions, but you could see Carter telling Greta she was on her mark, Carter trying to convince Greta to move, and the light bulb finally clicking with Greta that she needed to move!  Greta got to her spot, Carter got to hers, the crowd was hysterical, and clapped as the girls figured it out.  They went on to dance beautifully! 

1805-6.11.2010 057.JPG

Chalupa’s, ready to rock!

1793-6.11.2010 043.JPG

How beautiful is this one?!  She’s our amazing little girl!  And we’re so proud of her dancing progress!

1794-6.11.2010 004.JPG

Carter, second from left, as the girls walked on stage for tap

1795-6.11.2010 006.JPG

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy (2nd from left)

1796-6.11.2010 007.JPG

Carter being “nerbous” because she couldn’t see me at rehearsal.  Miss Kaylie said something to her and pointed at me, then she was good to go!

1797-6.11.2010 011.JPG

Jazz arms!
1798-6.11.2010 012.JPG

Our beautiful princess ballerina

1799-6.11.2010 032.JPG

The ballerina squad, preparing to walk out (Carter, 2nd from left).  LOOK AT THAT TOE POINT!

1800-6.11.2010 035.JPG

At rehearsal, she was flawless!  At Saturday’s performance, she ran into Elsa (first girl), and caused Greta (third girl) to run into her, and it was downhill from there!

1801-6.11.2010 040.JPG

Such long, beautiful arms – maybe she’s a dancer after all!

1802-6.11.2010 047.JPG

Proud Daddy and our Ballerina

1803-6.11.2010 048.JPG

Proud mama and our Ballerina

1804-6.11.2010 054.JPG

šŸ™‚ She may be a ballerina – long, lean, graceful, poised, but she’ll ALWAYS be our Carter – our goofy little cheeser!!!

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  1. Carter K! You look so pretty and you did a fabulous job! All of your hard work, good listening and concentration has paid off! You should TOTALLY get ice cream for that!

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