Bubbles with Babies

This evening, we took to the backyard to play.  Carter put on her “TaDa!” show for us, we played with bubbles, and had a peaceful and delightful evening.

1787-6.9.2010 004.JPG

Lovin’ the outdoors!!

1788-6.9.2010 005.JPG

Charlie and I watched as Carter put on her “TaDa!” show.  The “TaDa” show consists of Carter doing flips and dismounts from her swing or bar.  I do the Olympic commentary, we rate her dismount, and golf-clap for her performance.

1790-6.9.2010 029.JPG

Blowing bubbles to Little Brother

1789-6.9.2010 028.JPG


1791-6.9.2010 037.JPG

They both love bubbles!

1792-6.9.2010 044.JPG

My goofballs!

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