Preschool graduation program

It’s official: Carter’s kindergarten-bound.  She’s successfully completed pre-school (only sustaining minor breaks, bruised and bad attitudes!).

During her pre-school year, she’s not only learned so much, she’s grown up.  She’s more responsible, she’s a better listener, and she continues to have a heart of gold.  Things that are a challenge to teach a child, but priceless when learned.  And she still enjoys being the center of attention, working to please and enjoying entertaining others.  She’s our cheeser!

Today, the class shared songs they’d learned over the year with parents and families.  Here are clips of her songs, each precious and priceless.  I think my favorite has to be the Tutty-Tuh song!  If it doesn’t make you smile, you have no heart!

1747-5.21.2010 001.JPG

As the class entered, she was pensively scanning the room, looking for us.  We were in the front row, and she didn’t notice us until this moment, as she was sitting down.

1748-5.21.2010 024.JPG

Always the entertainer!

1749-5.21.2010 028.JPG

The whole class doing “Tutty-Tuh”

1750-5.21.2010 031.JPG

She was a total cheeser!

1751-5.21.2010 035.JPG

Getting her dipolma

1752-5.21.2010 042.JPG

Carter Chalupa: pre-school graduate!

1753-5.21.2010 043.JPG

Like her mommy, she’s dramatic!  She was “sad to be done with pre-school!” 

1754-5.21.2010 045.JPG

Daddy and the graduate

1755-5.21.2010 046.JPG

Mommy and the graduate

We are so very proud of the girl Carter’s becoming: kind, thoughtful, insightful, loving, silly, sophisticated, inquisitive, challenging, but always beautiful.  You’re our favorite girl in the whole world, Baby!  We love ya!!!

Carter, and preschool’ers, in action.  Well-worth the wait!!  Enjoy!

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