Big Boy Bath

This evening marked another FIRST for Charlie: his first big boy bath.  He got to take a bath with Carter in the tub without his baby tub. 

It was organized chaos!  Poorly organized, at that!

Charlie did a great job sitting up in the bath.  He loved it!  He splashed and coo’ed and had a wheee of a time!  Carter also loved it!  She, too, splashed and hollered and had a wheee of a time!  I, on the other hand, was soaked! 

1740-5.17.10 004.JPG


1741-5.17.10 009.JPG

These two were so tickled to be in the tub together!  It was adorable!

1743-5.17.10 025.JPG

I thought he’d hate the water in his face, but he didn’t mind!  He actually liked splashing!

1744-5.17.10 043.JPG

Okay …. he loved splashing!

1742-5.17.10 023.JPG

Totally intrigued by the water!

Whenever there’s a face off between these two, the result is rarely good!
1746-5.17.10 034.JPG

“What other cool things can you show me, Sissy?!!”

One thought on “Big Boy Bath”

  1. yeah, it lasted about 2 months in our house, now emma is insisting on having her own bath because brother is not nice in the tub. however, WE are still insiting on doing them together, because, it’s just easier that way.
    and, yes, it is not a true bath if you are not soaked by then end– you might as well lather up and strip down and get your shower in for the day at the same time.

    Soo cute, love the pics!

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