Week 29 happenings …

Oh Charlie!  What a big guy!  7 months already!  He’s a great eater, obviously.  His favorites are greeny beanies and bananas, with carrots in a close third.  He does enjoy the occasional lolly pop and sips of mommy’s punch (thanks, Stephanie!), but we limit those “treats.”  :)  He’s sitting up independently, and he’s inching and scooting all over the place.  He likes to “chase” Carter, which really entails him scooting in her direction, which is turn drives her into squeals, which makes him more excited to “catch” her.  Those two are adorable!  Carter has been the definition of “adoring big sister.”  She helps calm him and soothes him when he’s upset … but she still “ain’t touching that poopy” diaper!

1732-5.4.10 001.JPG

That’s the doting big sister.  How sophisticated does she look with her big girl hair do, schnazzy scarf?!  What a doll!

1733-5.16.2010 014.JPG

Gingers of a feather stick together – LOOK at that boy’s hair: red, just like sissy’s!

1734-5.16.2010 022.JPG

SO BIG!  Sitting up, all by himself, with the funniest nose-wrinkle face!

1735-5.16.2010 038.JPG

No, Charlie, we eat the food, not the bowl.

1736-5.16.2010 043.JPG

That hair is red and those eyes are a beautiful blue, just like Sissy’s

1737-5.16.2010 047.JPG

Carrots: the latest spring accessory!

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