We love Isaac! Oh yeah … and Rory’s new venture!

Rory is officially began his venture as a Pampered Chef consultant.  Today, he hosted his open house to get started.  If you have ever met Rory, you know this is right up his alley.  You don’t have to know him well to know that this is his forte.  He lived up to all of my expectations of him and more!  He did such a great job at his open house, cooking, presenting items, involving and entertaining guests.  Way to go Rory Brown!  We’re very proud of you!

1700-4.23.10 018.JPG

Rory demonstrating the magic that is the Mandolin (I need this thing!)

1701-4.23.10 019.JPG

Rory’s delicious fruit dessert (yes, he’s grating orange peel; I didn’t really know this was a real thing.  I just thought you got it in the little Tone’s seasoning containers!)

1702-4.23.10 020.JPG

Rory did a great job, but if you ask Isaac or Carter, they’ll tell you they were most excited about seeing each other!  Can you tell she adores Isaac?!!

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  1. My goodness, we have adorable children! They are going to give us such beautiful grandbabies someday! 😉

    Can’t wait for this summer!

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