Week 27 happenings …

10 days ago, Charlie had an ear infection (but was never really unhappy about it!).  At his check-up today, he had a double ear infection.  Despite having ouchy-ears and the snots (a result of ouchy-ear), he has been in great spirits!  He’s mastering sitting up, and continues to be an avid fan of greeny beanies!

1697-4.18.2010 005.JPG

Look!  They can share!  Buddies, for now!
After about 30 seconds of letting Charlie have his book, Carter took it (“he wasn’t playing with it anymore!).  She slid it closer to her, so Charlie rolled from his tummy to his back, then back to his tummy (complete roll-over) to get closer to Carter and his book.  She slid farther away, he rolled over closer to her!  Then it became a game …

1698-4.18.2010 097.JPG

But at the end of the night, no matter who has the book, they still love each other!

1699-4.18.2010 101.JPG

Carter, Charlie, and I, reading the “Be-Boo Book”

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