Week 15 happenings …

High lights of the week include Charlie becoming more vocal and wanting to be mobile, Carter improving her penmanship, Charlie and I getting pink eye and my battle with a nasty sinus infection.  Is it spring yet?!

1458-1.28.10 012.JPG

Charlie so badly wants to get moving! 

1460-1.28.10 019.JPG

 One proud little girl …

1459-1.28.10 018.JPG

 … learning to make her lower-case letters.  We’ve got a ways to go, but her writing is so cute in that adorable, sweet little kid way!

1461-1.28.10 021.JPG

Piggy pile!  Poor Charlie!

1463-1.28.10 044.JPG

Smiles all around!

1464-1.31.10 001.JPG

Daddy loves me.  So does Mommy.  And Carter.  And my grandparents.  And my daycare teachers.  And my uncles and aunts.  That’s what you call lucky!

1462-1.28.10 035.JPG

Cuties in caps! 

1465-1.31.10 011.JPG

Despite having pink eye (left eye), Charlie has been smiley and happy all week. 

1466-1.31.10 020.JPG

The doting big sister playing with her adoring little brother.

1 thought on “Week 15 happenings …”

  1. Seriously, girl, do NOT wish mobility on that kid too fast. You’ll regret it! This morning alone, I had to take the following out of Ian’s mouth: a sticker, a piece of wicker basket, and the “cancel” button from the dishwasher’s front panel. I swear that we do feed this kid real food; he’s not starving!

    Anyhoo, love this time when Charlie can’t get into EVERYTHING!

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