Week 14 happenings …

We’ve got a kiddo on the mend (Charlie had a yucky cough and runny nose this week), and a child on the downhill slide (Carter caught Charlie’s yuck and got an ear infection).  So it’s been a week of snuggles and lovin’s!

1453-1.8.10 001.JPG

Poor Charlie!  With two girls in the house and him still being little, he’s subject to such great literary works as “Pinkalicious!”

1454-1.23.10 010.JPG

Tuesday evening was Charlie’s first time sitting at the dinner table!  He usually hangs out in his bouncer while we eat, but he’s now able to sit with us (eating with us is still a couple weeks away).  He loved seeing all the action!

1457-1.23.10 017.JPG


1455-1.23.10 012.JPG

BFF’s, Little Brother and Big Cissy

1456-1.23.10 016.JPG

Such a happy, sweet guy!

Splish, splash, Charlie’s taking a bath!

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  1. You look fantastic Kelly!!! Keep up the hard work! Looks like Carter is in love with her little brother. =)

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