Center Grove Orchard

We picked out Carter’s pumpkin today.  It’s a special one, because she picked it our herself from the orchard!

We drove to Center Grove Orchard, north of Ankeny about 10 miles.  Before choosing just the perfect pumpkin, we took th tractor ride from the entrance about a mile toward the back of the orchard, and manuevered around the corn maze.  Andy and Carter led the way … and we did have to turn around from a few dead ends!  But we did make it out!  Carter played with the straw and hay, and we took the tractor back.  The trees and leaves were all changing colors, and it was beautiful!  Next, we had a quick snack – a carmel apple and apple cider!  YUM!  We got to pet the animals, and then chose a pumpkin perfect for Our Pumpkin!  It was a fun-filled fall afternoon!9.30.06 002

Carter and Mommy getting ready to go to the Orchard!  Yeah!

9.30.06 003

Daddy and Carter on the hayrack ride to the corn maze

9.30.06 010

Daddy and Carter in the maze – which way now, guys?

9.30.06 016

Carter riding back to the Orchard after a rough time in the maze

9.30.06 017

Carter and Daddy, being corn …

9.30.06 020

… and Carter and Mommy – a true batch of Pumpkins!

9.30.06 022

Carter’s cider.  Despite the death-glare on her face, she liked the treat and had a blast!  So, I never want to hear, “she’s not naughty!” ever again!

9.30.06 028

Carter loved the animals

9.30.06 034

… especially the piggys

9.30.06 039

Punky picks her pumpkin!