This is becoming our extended-family tradition!  Last year, Kelsey and the boys and Carter and I stayed over night at the Wasserbahn to play.  We had such a great time, that this year, we brought little Nora, and the Anderson’s!

We met up and got settled in our room (#106), only to be moved upstairs to the opposite side of the hotel (rooms #215 and #217).  Boo moving 3 adults, 5 kids and Baby Nora!  But we did, and got settled again.  We threw on swimmies and hit the pool.  Carter Kay was, again, hesitant of the big “dumpy bucket,” but she kept less of an eye on it this year.  After about an hour, I finally conned her into going up onto the platform to play with hoses, right where the slide is.  I couldn’t hear the dump bucket bell, and it spilled over while we were playing.  Luckily, we were protected on the platform by the roof (score!).  Madi tried to get Carter to go down the slide, but she wasn’t having it.  So after numerous requests from Madi, I finally just tossed her down.  She was all legs, trying to get ahold of something to keep her from going down (Whatever!  It was a tiny little yellow slide!  Wussy!), but when she got down, she giggled and immediately came running back up for turn after turn!  Aversion therapy, works every time!  We all also took turns in the big pool, jumping lilly pads.  That was my favorite part last year, and it was a blast again.  Carter and I giggled and jumped and splashed in the water.  It was great!

We had pizza, Cheeto’s and applesauce for dinner.  And we finished up with rice krispy bars.

Then we went to play games in the game room.  Grant continues to be a big ol’ skee ball cheater, which makes me laugh!  We took our winning tickets and everyone got a tasty treat.

After games, we headed back to our rooms to share gifts.  What a great group of pals we have!  The kids received some wonderful gifts – apparently Mom-Santa’s didn’t get the memo that not everyone was good this year :) 

Sleeping arrangements were agreed upon: Carter Kay wanted to sleep with Madi (who she adores!), which left Carter J with Janine in one room (a room full of crazies!).  Collin ran the risk of rolling out of bed, so he slept with Kelsey.  That left Grant asking to sleep with me.  I think everyone was finally asleep, after Grant’s “spoonEEEEE” giggles and a fit of laughter between Madi and Carter Kay, around 10:45pm.  At 3:37am, Grant sat straight up next to me, hit me with his arm and said, “That was FUN!”  He giggled, plopped back down and fell fast asleep!  I can only imagine what part of the day he was dreaming about!

Wonderful extended-family tradition!  We’re looking forward to next year’s initiation of Charlie to the pool, and Nora and Charlie to the overnight!  Love you guys!!!

1393-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 006.JPG

Me and my home-girl, waiting on “the friends” to arrive

1394-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 011.JPG

That’s our sugar-and-sweet, rag-tag crew!
Collin, Grant (both 3 1/2) and Nora (4 months) Bumsted
Carter Kay (4)
Madi (7) and Carter Jay (4) Anderson

1395-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 014.JPG

Our feeble attempt at a “piggy pile”!

1396-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 029.JPG

Carter J … getting a drink?!!

1397-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 031.JPG

Grant: “I’m an alligator!”

1398-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 043.JPG

Carter Kay, Carter J and Grant, undoubtedly up to no good!

1399-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 061.JPG

Madi, Carter Kay and Carter J on the water park playground thingy

1400-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 063.JPG

Madi and Carter J, the goofiest and sweetest of the goofy-sweets!

1401-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 067.JPG

A very brave Collin decided to take to the lilly pads.  What made him decided to get on these, with my supervise (which is sometimes known to be suspect!), I’ll never know.  I guess he’s got a spidey-sense about me!

1402-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 082.JPG

Trouble x3: Grant, Carter Kay and Madi, waiting for lilly pads

1404-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 094.JPG

Grant, being a skee ball cheater

1405-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 097.JPG


1406-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 105.JPG

The crew opening gifts

1407-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 109.JPG

Carter x2 helping Madi open her friendship bracelet kit
FYI: I better be getting a bracelet!

1408-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 118.JPG

At 9:45pm, while getting ready for bed, Carter J decides he needs a slice of pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and helps himself!

1409-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 119.JPG

Besties: Madi and Carter
Carter adores this girl!!!

1410-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 122.JPG

Me and my “spoonEEEEEEEE” Grant, who I was sure didn’t have sleeping in his plans for the night!

1411-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 123.JPG

Collin and Kelsey, snuggling up for bed

1412-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 128.JPG

Carter’s vacation “break-fist” of champions: fruit, orange juice and bacon!

1413-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 129.JPG

The girls chanting: “I see London, I see France …”

1403-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 084.JPG

Flying Carter, mid bed-jumping!

1414-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 131.JPG

Collin, Grant, Carter J, Carter Kay and Madi, gearing up for MORE bed-jumping

1415-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 132.JPG

(you know, it’s really amazing she doesn’t bite her tongue more often!)

1416-12.30.09 - Wasserbahn 136.JPG

Boys will be boys!