Boo! Happy Halloween!

This evening, we power-packed Halloween in! 

We started by going to Homemaker’s for their Halloween Treasure Hunt.  It was an in-door trick or treat event, and it was crazy-busy.  Thankfully I got the kiddo’s there early.  We had a great time!

Then we headed home, dropped Charlie off with Daddy, and Carter and I went to Creepy Capers, Ankeny’s Halloween party.  There were activity centers throughout the Lakeside Center, and Carter loved playing the games, getting treats, and checking out other Halloween’ers.  She was amazed by everyone’s costumes!  At one point, she couldn’t help but touch Snow White’s dress.  And she kept staring at Mr. Skeleton’s protruding bones.  It was cute!

1188-10.30.09 011.JPG

It’s a Bird!  It’s a Plane!  No … it’s SUPER GIRL!

1186-10.30.09 007.JPG

Don’t be afraid … he won’t bite! 

1187-10.30.09 010.JPG

My Super girl and tiny tiger, off to beg for treats

1189-10.30.09 020.JPG

It must be a kid thing, but Carter made it about 14 seconds before dumping her bag to scavenge through to see her loot!

1190-10.30.09 014.JPG

… Charlie slept through the whole thing!

1191-10.30.09 022.JPG

Yep … he’s still asleep!  But Carter and I had fun!

1192-10.30.09 023.JPG

My spook-tacular family!

1193-10.30.09 025.JPG

Look out for creepies at Creepy Capers!

1194-10.30.09 030.JPG  1195-10.30.09 032.JPG

We decorated a Halloween cookie … it never ceases to amaze me that in such a quick time she can be covered in whatever she’s trying to eat!

1196-10.30.09 036.JPG


1198-10.30.09 004.JPG

BOO!  Happy Halloween!