A crazy week!

I don’t know for sure what my favorite holiday is, but I’m fairly sure Halloween is Carter’s favorite (it’s definitely in my top 3, for sure!).  It’s been a fun week, with costumes at dance, treats at Triad and theme days at daycare.  Tonight we’re headed out to Trick or Treat (in true Halloween-fashion, it’s been raining since last night, it’s windy and cold!  Good times …).


Super-Girl at Hip Hop Wednesday


Tinkerbell (or “Carterbell”!) at tap/ballet Thursday


The tap/ballet girls … or animals, fairies and princesses!


Grr!  Scary face!  Treats and masks from Triad


Eyeball candy … ewwww!


Monday @ daycare:  Jammy Day (she’s been looking forward to this week for months!!)


Tuesday @ daycare: “Mixmatch Day,”  She couldn’t say “mismatch,” but she certainly dressed the part!


Wednesday @ daycare:  When you grow up day.  Her teacher, Miss Tarah, said that Carter asked Tarah to call her “Doctor Susan” all day.  Dr. Susan??!  Who’s that?


Thursday @ daycare:  Decade Day (it’s also picture day.  Let’s hope they remembered to change her clothes before professional pictures!).  She loved the boots!

1197-10.30.09 003.JPG

@ daycare:  Costume day and the big Halloween party!  YEAH!!!

3 thoughts on “A crazy week!”

  1. That is a crapload of costume changes! Who is she, Lady Gaga? That’s it — from now on, I’m calling her Lady Cah-cah! (Remember when Isaac was little and always asked to watch “Cah-cah” on the computer? Awww.

    She’s adorable! Happy Halloween!

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